Fujifilm X30. A typical experience in my world!

So, there it is. My nice new Fujifilm X30. Not the most expensive camera, but one that will travel with me everywhere I go. A nice smaller, simpler camera that can be tossed into a small shoulder bag and carried around. So far it has proven itself nicely, always there when I need it. Fast to start up and first image done and dusted in under 2 seconds. Not like carrying the Canon 70D around with the 18-200mm. This weighs less then a third of that lead weight.

But, as with most of my camera purchases, I go and do it at the end of the lifespan of the model!. Just 2 days after I bring it home, Fujifilm announce its discontinuation! Typical.

Still. Its a fun camera, great image quality for its sensor size. Decent noise processing up to ISO800 odd. The small size is great for street photography and discrete captures. I actually really like it. My only gripe is the AF hunts in low light, but switching to manual solves that, and makes you think a bit as well.

Salisbury’s Cafe, Woodstock, Cape Town. (f2.2 , 1/12, ISO1600)


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