New Zealand. Forests and rivers.

Torn between hunting trout and chasing light. The Hutt river, North Island, New Zealand. 

There’s more to an island than it’s isolation.

Living in Cape Town means being within a short ferry ride to Robben Island. This historical island was home to the imprisoned Nelson Mandela and other political prisoners, a trio of decommissioned World War II 9inch naval guns as well as a handful of ship wrecks that litter it’s coast. 

Table Mountain and the 12 Apostles peak out over a fog bank Cape Town.  (f18 20mm 60″ ISO200)

Hartlaubs gulls take to the air. ( f10 14mm 1/200 ISO200)

Trees on the horizon, clouds in the sky.

(f18 14mm 10″ ISO200)

One of the wrecks, facing towards the sea from which it came. (f18 28mm 20″ ISO 200)

As the Sun sets, the moon becomes visible. (f16 14mm 15″ ISO200)

Stars above. The Southern Cross above what’s left of a fishing trawler. (f3.5 14mm 33″ ISO200)

The journey back to the mainland aboard the ferry, the Susan Kruger.
All in all, an interesting time spent on the island. Till next time. Cheers.

Sun, sea, but no clouds

So, my 14-42mm is still at the repair centre. Rather irritating, but makes one think a bit more when looking for scenes to capture.

Went down to the seashore at Bloubergstrand, Cape Town, this evening hoping to get some images of the sunset. The beach is quite a popular one, so a lot of people around, making a clean people free image a challenge. Eventually I managed an ok picture, but I find it funny that even when people see you are trying to take a picture, they will either walk in front or just stand in the way. Strange. 

Could have done with some clouds in the sunset, but we can’t always have what we want. 

2″ @ 40mm f5.6 ISO200
Till next time.

Waves on the rocks.

Waves breaking over the rocks. Revisiting images taken at Cape Hangklip last weekend. I like something about this one. Not sure what it is, but it just works for me.

A side note. My Olympus 14-42mm f3.5-5.6EZ lens has had to be sent to the shop. Suddenly stopped zooming, and would not engage with the camera. For those who do not use Olympus, this is a collapsible pancake lens that extends when powered up. A great little lens, compact and portable. Now I wait, 3-4 weeks! Only the 40-150 left in the arsenal for the time being. 

A mixed day, of beaches and forests, rivers and rock

An early start on the rocky shores, and a day ended in the mountain forest. 

Harsh light and clear skies greeted us on the beach, with howling winds and spray clouding our eyes and lenses. 

And forests struggling to drink as the drought sets in its teeth, what little water there is spent between the living and the sunsets heat. 

End of the line. Rails to the edge. The tracks used to launch fishing vessels down the slipway.

Rocks in turbulent seas. 

What’s left of the river of life, cutting through the forest, quenching what thirsts it can before becoming a river of sand and rock.

Just me

Just me, in the spotlight.

This is my week 1 submission for the #dogwood52 challenge. Week 1 was a self portrait. 

More info on the challenge can be found here.