A mixed day, of beaches and forests, rivers and rock

An early start on the rocky shores, and a day ended in the mountain forest. 

Harsh light and clear skies greeted us on the beach, with howling winds and spray clouding our eyes and lenses. 

And forests struggling to drink as the drought sets in its teeth, what little water there is spent between the living and the sunsets heat. 

End of the line. Rails to the edge. The tracks used to launch fishing vessels down the slipway.

Rocks in turbulent seas. 

What’s left of the river of life, cutting through the forest, quenching what thirsts it can before becoming a river of sand and rock.

Don’t go chasing waterfalls…🎶🎶

Should have listened. The drought in South Africa has dropped the water levels in the streams to a very sad level. Lowest I’ve seen them in 15 years. Still beautiful to photograph.

Millers Point revisited.

Always a new view, always a new angle, and always new light.

Olympus OM-D E-M10 mk II, Olympus 14-42mm f3 5-5.6 EZ.

Playing with new filters. Stacked 2x nd8 + CPL filters. 

Just me

Just me, in the spotlight.

This is my week 1 submission for the #dogwood52 challenge. Week 1 was a self portrait. 

More info on the challenge can be found here. http://dogwood.photography