A walk in Cape Town

Today I went for a walk through the city in Cape Town, and although the weather was cold and wet, the feeling in the city was the same.

Walking down one of the pedestrian only streets in the city, under the leafless trees of winter
Various generations of buildings in the Cape Town CBD.
Friends walking through the city towards Green market square
A reminder of the past. Two benches sit outside the enterance of the High Court Civil Annex in Cape Town. One says ‘Whites only’, the other ‘Non whites only’. A interpretive display showing the past we have come from, and a reminder to never allow this country to return to such times.
Walking up past the Company Gardens, Cape Town.
Friends chat as they wait to cross the road

Till next time, chase the light.

Drought stricken forests, Newlands, Cape Town

A morning walk up the side of Table Mountain into Newlands Forest, just a day after some rain finally hit the drought stricken Cape Town. Our hope was that there would be some water in the small streams that flow through the forests, but the rivers were mostly dry, with very little water in those that did have. We’re down to the last dregs of the supply dams, desperate for the arrival of some winter rain.

An old wall from the canal to the woodcutters shed.
The mid section of the stream on Woodcutters path. No water in this section or above.
Sentinels guard the river bed waiting for the rain.
Felled pines lie forgotten by the cutters, but not by nature.
Roots growing around and over rocks. The immovable become encased, trapped.
Every which way one can go.


Sunset on Milnerton beach, Cape Town,  South Africa. What a place to live.

f5.6 1.6″ iso200 @14mm (ND1000+ND8)

Fujifilm X30. A typical experience in my world!

So, there it is. My nice new Fujifilm X30. Not the most expensive camera, but one that will travel with me everywhere I go. A nice smaller, simpler camera that can be tossed into a small shoulder bag and carried around. So far it has proven itself nicely, always there when I need it. Fast to start up and first image done and dusted in under 2 seconds. Not like carrying the Canon 70D around with the 18-200mm. This weighs less then a third of that lead weight.

But, as with most of my camera purchases, I go and do it at the end of the lifespan of the model!. Just 2 days after I bring it home, Fujifilm announce its discontinuation! Typical.

Still. Its a fun camera, great image quality for its sensor size. Decent noise processing up to ISO800 odd. The small size is great for street photography and discrete captures. I actually really like it. My only gripe is the AF hunts in low light, but switching to manual solves that, and makes you think a bit as well.

Salisbury’s Cafe, Woodstock, Cape Town. (f2.2 , 1/12, ISO1600)