Last fall, fog and rain

Took a short walk down the Alphen trail in Cape Town, South Africa, well, at least until the rain caught up. Only one image to show.

Olympus OM-D E-M10mk2, Panasonic 12-60mm f3.5-5.6 (f14 @ 30mm 1/50 ISO200)


Rivers, mushrooms and back to sunny skies

After a short reprieve from the drought gripping the Western Cape of South Africa, the rivers on Table Mountain are finally flowing again. 

Today’s venture was into Cecilia Forest. Although it cannot be called a forest anymore, with most of the pine plantations being cut down to allow the natural fynbos to return. In the ravines, there still remains remnants of the original mountain forests and it’s there where we find the small rivers flowing after the rain.

In those small pockets of remaining pines, various mushrooms can be found amongst the pine needles.

Till the next outing, chase the light.

Drought stricken forests, Newlands, Cape Town

A morning walk up the side of Table Mountain into Newlands Forest, just a day after some rain finally hit the drought stricken Cape Town. Our hope was that there would be some water in the small streams that flow through the forests, but the rivers were mostly dry, with very little water in those that did have. We’re down to the last dregs of the supply dams, desperate for the arrival of some winter rain.

An old wall from the canal to the woodcutters shed.
The mid section of the stream on Woodcutters path. No water in this section or above.
Sentinels guard the river bed waiting for the rain.
Felled pines lie forgotten by the cutters, but not by nature.
Roots growing around and over rocks. The immovable become encased, trapped.
Every which way one can go.

There’s more to an island than it’s isolation.

Living in Cape Town means being within a short ferry ride to Robben Island. This historical island was home to the imprisoned Nelson Mandela and other political prisoners, a trio of decommissioned World War II 9inch naval guns as well as a handful of ship wrecks that litter it’s coast. 

Table Mountain and the 12 Apostles peak out over a fog bank Cape Town.  (f18 20mm 60″ ISO200)

Hartlaubs gulls take to the air. ( f10 14mm 1/200 ISO200)

Trees on the horizon, clouds in the sky.

(f18 14mm 10″ ISO200)

One of the wrecks, facing towards the sea from which it came. (f18 28mm 20″ ISO 200)

As the Sun sets, the moon becomes visible. (f16 14mm 15″ ISO200)

Stars above. The Southern Cross above what’s left of a fishing trawler. (f3.5 14mm 33″ ISO200)

The journey back to the mainland aboard the ferry, the Susan Kruger.
All in all, an interesting time spent on the island. Till next time. Cheers.