Father’s day.

The best place to spend father’s day is on the beach in Cape Town with my wife and daughter. Even if it’s a bit cold.

Waves on the rocks.

Waves breaking over the rocks. Revisiting images taken at Cape Hangklip last weekend. I like something about this one. Not sure what it is, but it just works for me.

A side note. My Olympus 14-42mm f3.5-5.6EZ lens has had to be sent to the shop. Suddenly stopped zooming, and would not engage with the camera. For those who do not use Olympus, this is a collapsible pancake lens that extends when powered up. A great little lens, compact and portable. Now I wait, 3-4 weeks! Only the 40-150 left in the arsenal for the time being. 

Cape Hangclip and Kogelberg Nature Reserve

Sunday saw a early start, driving out to Cape Hangklip, on the far side on False Bay, South Africa.

We left home at 4am to get there before the sunrise, driving along the coast road. This is possibly the most scenic road in false bay, where one is able to see right across to Cape Point on a clear day. Also a great place to whale watch in the August/September whale season. Awesome place to take photos, of waves and rocks and plenty of opportunities to explore along the route as well. I would say this is one the sunset side of the bay – that is best light at sunset.

Cape Hangkip sits at the East end of False Bay, just outside Pringle Bay. This is where the land end turns towards the east. So sunrise becomes the best light of day, although I will be checking out sunsets on this stretch as well in the future.

The Cape Hangklip lighthouse

Unfortunately the skies at sunrise were not very interesting, with just a smudge of cloud. The waves however were not disappointing!

After the sun was well above the horizon, focus switched to the waves!! I love these in Black&White.

Rene taking an image of the waves breaking over the rocks
Waves and rocks
Incoming waves striking the rocks.

From there it was off to Kogelberg Nature Reserve to take images of the river as it meanders through the mountains. Got there midday, so not the best in terms of light, but such as beautiful environment cannot be overlooked.

In the flow


Into the Kogelberg Reserve. Such beautiful mountain waiting to be explored

That’s it for now – time to plan the next outing. More to learn, more to see, more to shoot.